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Philadelphia City Hall Caucus Room

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Philadelphia Veteran's Medical Facility
3900 Woodland Avenue LVA Auditorium - 7th Floor
WOMEN'S GROUP next scheduled Meeting
November 18th, 2010
1-2:30 PM

TOPIC:  MST (Military Sexual Assault)
If you are a victim of Military Sexual Assault - please do come and get the information that you need for counseling and other support.

Previous Topics in these Women Groups have included: Breast Cancer Screening, Credit Counseling and I wasn't present at the first one - but I want to get the information and post it later
Special Guests Speaker and Presenter: Dr. Jo Benoit of Phase III
Dr. Benoit understands the psychology of the experiences and consequences that women veterans face and provides professional counseling and support to women who are victims of MST (military sexual trauma).
She is a sought after speaker and licensed Psychologist with a history of helping those who serve and need help after serving in the military, particularly and especially for those men and women who are having difficulty transitioning to civilian life.
We want to address the questions that are being asked concerning women veterans and how to get them the help that they need to be whole.
In an effort to provide the necessary platform for disseminating important and necessary information to the veteran’s community, it is our desire to host the “Veterans’ Grassroots Roundtable Discussion” on November 12th, 2010.  We believe that this will be the first of a series of discussions addressing issues concerning the veterans’ community in Philadelphia and surrounding areas on following:

  1. Women Veteran's Business Owner Certification and opportunities
  2. Grassroots outreach and advocacy and their importance in the survival and wellbeing of veterans
  3.   What is the incarcerated veterans population and what is their status or situation as a veteran who may or may not qualify for benefits in the VA system
  4. What goals and objectives can be reached by establishing a unified effort and partnership with the Philadelphia VA Facility and grassroots organizations
  5. Program funding for grassroots organizations and process for receiving sub grants through subcontracting and other resources in partnering with the Veterans Administration and other government funded NGOs
  6. Homelessness – what are the real issues involved in this phenomena?
  7. Transparency amongst veterans VA Medical facilities, service organization and the services provided
  8. Establishing a veterans resource and outreach consortium aside from government or government controlled agencies
  9. Oversight and access to government services and funded organizations and 
  10. The fallacies of veteran’s health care and employment abilities (what are the employment policies for military 
  11. Training for government (all levels) employees on disability sensitivity and problem resolution  

Moderating this 2-hour workshop at Philadelphia City Hall Caucus Room is Dr. Mahdi Ibn Zihad, Adjunct Professor - Rutgers University and Social Justice Advocate and Activist
Special guests  - Mayor Michael Nutter, City of Philadelphia
Councilman Curtis Jones, 4th Council District
Confirmed participants as of October 4th, 2010
National Alliance of Women Veterans, Cathy Santos - Host Organization
  • Liberty Resources, Lynne Maleef
  • Veterans For Peace, John Grant or representative
  • The Vaird Foundation, Kimberly Byrd
  • Handy White CDC, Inc., Mr. Cornell Brown 
  • Phase III, Dr. Jo Benoit
  • Veterans Upward Bound U of PA - Diane Sandefur or representative
  • The Choice is Yours - James Smallwood
  • Aces Museum - Dr. Althea Hankin 
  • U. Harold Levy Eastern Regional Representative~Department of General Services
    Bureau of Minority and Women Business Opportunities
  • Department of Veterans Affair - Homeless Veterans Department 
If you are interested in presenting in this forum, please register and provide a minimum of one paragraph to the comments section of the registration page.

2010 Community Interfaith Veteran's Tribute
Germantown Jewish Center
400 Ellet Street
Sunday November 7th, 2010
3-5 PM
Tuskegee Airmen

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Captain Vernice Armour - 1st African American Marine Combat Pilot
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